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To create an exciting combination of harp and piano is the goal the two musicians Praxedis Hug-Rütti (harp) and Praxedis Geneviève Hug (piano) are aiming at. The mother-daughter-duo represents perfect harmony and creativity, and has appeared regularly on stage in Switzerland and abroad since 2009.

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    PRAXEDIS&PRAXEDIS want to breathe new life into the thrilling instrumental partnership of harp and piano. The two instruments are closely related, but are, nevertheless, very different from one another – the combination of the two is, therefore, promising to provide “unheard-of” particular refined musical delights that have kept exciting innumerable listeners at international festivals such as the Menuhin Festival Gstaad, Esterhazy Festival Eisenstadt, or the Janacek Festival.

    The partnership of harp and piano was very popular in the early classical period, but has become rare nowadays. In former times the fascinating duo combination very often was a source of inspiration to various famous composers. Unfortunately, that relationship faded as the centuries went by.

    The origin of “DUO PRAXEDIS” dates back to the year 1996, when the two ladies were asked to perform Bach’s Double Concerto in a transcription for harp, piano and orchestra. Ever since then, a number of CD recordings by Guild, Paladino, and Preiser were made.

    As there is only original literature for harp and piano from the early classical period available, PRAXEDIS&PRAXEDIS make their own arrangements of masterpieces for two pianos or piano duets, the transcriptions of which are worthy of the highest respect, since it is virtually impossible to harmonically transpose romantic piano scores for the harp. Beyond that, they often commission pieces from well-known contemporary composers. So a world first was written, namely the Double Concerto by Oliver Waespi, which premiered at Tonhalle Zurich in 2014.

    The artists are legendary for their cheerful, passionate interpretations as well as for their repertoire rich in variety. Beyond sound there is also “sight”: self-fashioned and self-tailored dresses made of precious Swiss manufactured broidery and fabrics, highlight the sound of music by visual beauty. Nowadays, DUO PRAXEDIS is one of the most attractive ensembles and an absolute highlight within the international concert scene.

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